Our products

More time using our products, is more time for you to do what really matters.

by Lifeplano founders

It may sound stupid, but it is actually true. We make our products simple, intelligent and user friendly.

But of course that is not enough, which is why we only make products with solutions to easier everyday life, changing bad habits and m.

Current products

Low FODMAP by Lifeplano

This was our first ever product, launched in march 2019. An app that helps people to an easier living on the low FODMAP diet. The first name of the app was – Low FODMAP Lifestyle – but as our visions for Lifeplano changed, so did the name. The app is now part of the Lifeplano universe, and people using it

Upcoming products

Pregnancy by Lifeplano

We went from diet to baby, as our lives did so too. As parents we were very committed to follow our baby’s journey during pregnancy, but found that to many apps did not care about our privacy or primarily tried to promote their products.

We are proud to announce that we will launch our own privacy friendly pregnancy app in march of 2020.